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  1. [VENDU] DS413 (sans HDD)

    arrived today in the weekend I'm up and I try it thank you UP for you
  2. [VENDU] DS413 (sans HDD)

    we agreed I sent my data to lolomeis tomorrow I make the payment
  3. [VENDU] DS413 (sans HDD)

    thanks for the advices to insure lolomeis: I am already registered in the Italian forum as Sakurambo my buy post
  4. [VENDU] DS413 (sans HDD)

    Hello. Ok, the screws to fix not is a problem. You can use a insured shipping? I do not want to risk shipping. Send me your personal details: first name and address; a cell phone number and copy of your identity document when the pack is ready for shipping I pay you on paypal thanks
  5. [VENDU] DS413 (sans HDD)

    Hello, I am writing in English because I am Italian Sorry for my bad English I'm interested in the DX213 The price is perfect if you ship to italy we can agree I ask you: Does the DX213 work without flaws and also complete cable?