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Weasis Configuration File Is Not Correct And Shall Be Renamed


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Hi guys,

I am a regular user of DCM4CHEE. When I have heard that you guys have added this soft to your package center, I have decided to buy a DS713+ to test it.

I might have found a small bug in the PACS package. (not 100% sure if it is a feature or a bug, you guys might have done this on purpose). If it is not a bug, I'm writing this post to help those who want to configure their PACS package.

I have installed and configured the PACS package from package center and it worked perfectly.

Then after a few hours of use I have decided to enable weasis. You can do that by following these steps:

Then I have decided to change dcm4chee's default AE-Title. That can be done by following these steps:

  • login on the JMX console (at http://IP-NAS:9080/jmx-console),
  • then click on service=AE
  • invoke the "void updateAETitle()" primitive with the old AETitle (DCM4CHEE) and the new AETitle
  • At this point weasis is not working anymore you have to modify the value affected to the "pacs.aet" property in weasis configuration file.

The problem I have found is that the weasis configuration file is not named properly and If you want your changes to be taken into account you have to

Its default name is where it shall be

Hope this help,

Best regards


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