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I am Matthieu from the German community, the guy who ran the live blog. I know there are users here who know English quite well so I thought I would put in a complete English list of new features which someone could then translate into french.

XS+ series and business features

  • 2 devices: RS3413xs+ and RS10613xs+, estimated release september '12
  • Ivy Bridge Intel Xeon Cores rated at 3.1 Ghz
  • Support of SATA III and SAS hard drives plus SSDs acting as caches
  • 8GB ECC RAM, expandable to 32GB
  • 4GBit Ethernet LAN plus two optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces using PCIe-Cards
  • Reaching a performance of more than 2.000 MB/s and 200.000 IOPS
  • RS34... using Infiniband to connect expansion devices, RS106... using double SAS connections (double for failover)
  • -> Maximum capacity of more than 400TB
  • Passive CPU cooling
  • Power, network and cooling redundant
  • High Availability function to completely mirror two XS+ devices. If one fails, the other one will take up all services without interruption using VLAN mechanisms; synchronisation of data on block level
  • Raid Groups to put one volume on top of multiple Raids
  • Global Hot Spare drives which will replace any failing hard drive whenever needed immediately
  • Support of VAAI hardware acceleration to speed up virtualisation performance
  • Advanced Ressource Monitor which now includes logging of used ressources
  • SNMPv3 support
  • better Mail Station including SMTP Relay, Auto Reply and Forward, statistics on send and received mails, a second spam filter system, alias-adresses and more
  • Quality of service (QoS) to limit bandwith of certain applications based on TCP-port
  • Bandwith control also on user basis which means you can limit WebDAV, FTP and File Station transfers based on user/group (no SMB so far)
  • Advanced Syslog server able to log up to 3000 logs per second, with advanced notification and logging
  • Cloud Station to support synchronisation among multiple users and there might be a Linux client coming!

Surveillance Station 6

  • Visual Station 240HD coming, able to display HD material
  • new UI (especially new color scheme)
  • "Virtual barrier" which you can put e.g. at your door and it will alarm if somebody crosses that
  • Object count e.g. to see how many people went into a building
  • No-Idle-Zone to detect objects which went into an area and stayed there (e.g. parking cars in emergency areas to be kept free)
  • Independent time server to use with cameras
  • Surveillance Station API
  • more flexible layouts to view cameras

DSM 4.1

  • new Video Station to organize all videos you have on your NAS
  • importing Meta data from International Movie Database
  • able to record TV through USB DVB-sticks (they said they only tested DVB-T sticks yet)
  • DS video app to use Video Stations functions on the go
  • Photo Station now with "Timeline"-function to display images across folders by year
  • Photo Station supporting face recognition
  • Audio Station with new UI
  • personal Audio Station coming, comparable to personal Photo Station
  • Synchronised Playback across multiple AirPlay-devices
  • lyrics on Audio Station
  • connecting to internet via proxy server
  • new web app packages (probably through package center; mediawiki, moodle, osticket, joomla, drupal, phpBB, sugarCRM, osCommerce, magento)
  • synchronisation of folders with consolidation of multiple sources
  • IT-self service including paste bin accessible by every user and easy sharing through QuickConnect using the Synology service
  • SFTP support
  • FXP support for ftp server
  • Samba update to version 3.6
  • Offline mode of iOS DS audio
  • new UI for Android DS audio and ability to edit playlists
  • broad Windows Phone 7 support also with apps DS audio and DS photo+
  • DS download app for Download Station (first iOS, Android to be added later)
  • unpacking zip files with Download Station including password
  • faster creation of preview pictures used for Photo Station and others
  • Media Server supporting indexing of external drives
  • iTunes supporting more formats through transcoding

I hope I can help you with that. Feel free to ask in English if you have further questions.

Greetings from Germany,


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just another question , I saw that you post in your liveblog yesterday : "Jetzt Fragerunde, erste Frage ging zur iOS-App: ja sie kommt parallel zur Beta" and as i understand it, it means that a Ios app is in the box, with the beta ( thank G. Translate ) but , an ios app for what services ? (TV station, Cloud sync ? )

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Merci pour le tuyau ! J'aurais esperé des fonctions de partage plus "user-friendly" pour iphone aussi, le genre de fonction comme partage de lien sans authentification dispo sous filestation mais justement pas user friendly du tout sous ios ^^ (et sous webdav,le partage de lien necessite un acces)

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La version de samba intégrée a DSM est assez ancienne (3.2.8)

Et il commençait à avoir une pression qui monte dans les forums Syno pour bénéficier d'une mise à jour.

Certains vont jusqu'a installer (via ipkg ou autre) samba 3.6 mais je ne pe risquerais pas a ce genre d'opération, la cohabitation peut être "sportive" à mon avis). Samba étant quand même au coeur d'un système NAS si on l'utilise dans un environnement Windows

Un fil sur le sujet :


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It was about an app for the Video Station which you can use e.g. to program the recording or view your library on the go. An Android app will follow a little later.



Le package VideoStation avec sa base Allocine vit ses dernières heures pour ceux qui passeront en 4.1....

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Ce matin, j'ai reçu un mail provenant de Synology, demandant de préciser les informations suivantes :

1. The XS+ series is a new product line. It's not an upgrade on the existing XS series. It's like the relationship between DS212 & DS212+. Therefore, users should see RS3413xs+ as a brand new model. It's not the successor of RS3412xs. With its advanced hardware & software features, the price of XS+ series is also expected to be higher than XS series.

2. The official announcement of XS+ series is not finalized yet. Although we did say it may be released in September, the actual date still depends on the production schedule.

Traduction française :

1. La série XS+ est une nouvelle gamme de produits. Ce n'est pas une mise à jour sur la série XS existante. C'est un peu comme la relation entre le DS212 & le DS212+. Par conséquent, les utilisateurs devraient voir RS3413xs+ comme un modèle flambant neuf. Ce n'est pas le successeur du RS3412xs. Avec ses fonctionnalités avancées au niveau matériels et logiciels, le prix de la série XS+ devrait également être plus élevé que la série XS.

2. L'annonce officielle de la série XS+ n'est pas encore finalisée. Bien que nous l'avons dit, il peut être publié en Septembre, la date réelle dépend encore du calendrier de production.

Je n'ai pas reçu d'informations concernant le lancement de la BETA mais celle-ci ne devrait pas tarder.

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